Baan in de Haven

A job in the port, just for you

Do you think it would be interesting to work in the port or industry of Rotterdam, but you are not sure where to start? You may not be able to see the quay because of the containers, there are so many possibilities. Or maybe you're worried that you don't have the right qualifications to apply for the job you really like. In that case we can help you.

Baan in de Haven is a young organization with the enormous ambition to attract more talented people to the port region. This is a social mission and that is why we like to get in touch with people from all backgrounds. In this way we bring more diversity to the port and we help people with a (new) career.

Do you only have work experience in other sectors or have you started a course but have not completed it? No problem! We guide you in your personal and professional development, so that you eventually end up in the place that really appeals to you. Is your ambition as great as ours?

A little more about us

Baan in de Haven is a spin-off of Watertalent, which means that we have an enormous network and we use this to help you on your way. we are a social enterprise, so that social mission is what drives us to do our job to the best of our ability. Traditional companies often bite into the perfect candidate on paper. We believe we can do more to fulfill the large number of open positions in the port and industry. Why stick with the talent the industry already knows? Of course we also help you if you are already familiar with the port region. But we also want to innovate and increase the intake, for example with lateral entrants and people who would like to retrain.

Back to that guidance and development…

You may wonder whether it is even possible to brush up on your knowledge or even learn a completely new trade. You may have a family to support or you may not know exactly what you need to learn for the job that interests you. We are aware that there is a chance that as a newcomer to the port you will not immediately be able to land your dream job. That is why we enter into a conversation with you and take action. We look at your personal situation and find out what you are good at. We then look for training or retraining opportunities that fit into your life and that can take you to the dot on your horizon. This way you will soon excel in something you also enjoy! You will benefit from this throughout your career.

Are you ready to choose for yourself? Let us help you. The Baan in de Haven team would like to meet you!

At the moment we are also busy building and launching this website. Stay tuned!